Cartflows Review 2023 : What is this funnel builder worth?

Cartflows review : What is this WordPress sales funnel builder plugin worth in 2023 ? Can it really improve your WooCommerce checkout process ?
Real complete solution to increase conversions
Frictionless checkout is just a must-have
Dynamic offers is a killer feature
Canvas Mode only in CartFlows Pro
No FluentCRM integration (for now)
A little pricey for new businesses (Pro version)

Overall score


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Getting traffic to your business website is a already challenge. When buyers are on your site, making as much money as possible is important. So we are talking here about improving the conversion rate to the maximum so that for the same number of visitors, you get more income. Unfortunately, WooCommerce is not optimized for conversions (far from that) and lacks in the smoothest way to improve conversions. That’s where that CartFlows plugin comes into the game. It will optimize the customer journey to maximize your gross revenue.

What Is CartFlows?

CartFlows is a sales funnel builder for WordPress that comes on top of WooCommerce. It is a free and pro WordPress plugin that allows you to build sales funnels to create a logical purchase way for customers, from when they land on your site to when they purchase your products or services. It will make the checkout process smoother with an optimized checkout page.

Cartflows key features

1-click upsell

An upsell is an additional and relevant offer you’ll show to your customer just after the checkout. It allows you to increase the basket value for each customer. Basically, here are the steps of an upsell :

  1. Checkout: your customer complete the checkout form with payment details
  2. Upsell: a relevant offer is displayed to your customer (to add a relevant product or switch to a higher tier of the same product)
  3. Payment completion: the payment is made for the original product and the additional product (if the customer said “yes” to your upsell)

Let’s see an example :

  1. A customer buys a Samsung S23 phone from your sales page and proceeds to checkout on the checkout page.
  2. As an upsell, you display the opportunity to switch to a Samsung S23 Ultra
  3. If the buyer accepts the upsell, the payment is made for the “Ultra” version of the phone (you have technically switched the item in the basket from the Samsung S23 to the Samsung S23 Ultra).

1-click order bump

An order bump is a tiny offer that comes in addition to the main offer. It allows you to increase the basket value, so you’ll maximize your gross revenue. It is displayed as a complementary product on the same page as the main offer.

Let’s take our previous example :

  1. The customer buys the Samsung S23 phone and proceeds to checkout
  2. Your customer can tick the checkbox to add a Samsung S23 case (your order bump)
  3. The case is added to his basket instantly, in addition to the Samsung S23 phone.

As you can see, Cartflows allows you to create multiple ways to increase your revenues and maximize profit, with the same traffic effort.

Split testing

Split testing is mainly used by marketers to identify which version of the same page is performing best. You can try various elements on the page: change the title, the image, the description, the CTA, and much more… and do dozens of tests to see which version is the best to improve conversions. It increases conversion rates over time because, after a few days of testing 2 different versions of the same funnel page, you’ll choose the one that performs the best, and run another test. And again. And again.

Dynamic offers

Cartflows offers a really great feature called “Dynamic offers”. Basically, you’ll be able to display the most relevant offers to your customers based on customer data points. You’ll create various conditions to display specific order bumps and upsells to a specific customer.

Canvas mode

The Canvas mode is a feature that appeared in December 2021, to get a better overview of your flows (funnels). I guess it was the CartFlows answer to Funnelytics and WPFunnels (that was out in February 2021).

The concept is simple: you can build your sales funnels visually, and have a better understanding of your sales machine.

It’s a great addition to the plugin, as it is really beginner friendly and makes the creation process easier.

Checkout takeover

Cartflows also replace the default unoptimized WooCommerce checkout page, which is very great news for all sellers out there. It provides a frictionless checkout experience, by removing useless fields during checkout. The fewer fields on the checkout page, the best, because it reduces cart abandonment.

You’ll also be able to remove all distractions for the buyers, such as the menus or other links that can make them go elsewhere on your site (except the legal links that still are mandatory). You’ll be able to add various guarantees on the checkout page to increase trust for your customers.

By removing the default WooCommerce checkout page, CartFlows makes your life easier by increasing your chances to make more sales.


CartFlows comes with complete funnels templates for your favorite page builder. It makes the sales funnels building process easier and faster. These templates include Landing pages, upsells and downsells, checkout pages, and thank you pages.

Lead generation

Let me admit that it’s not my favorite feature of CartFlows. Probably because I don’t use the old-fashion 200-page PDF downloads to generate leads. I much prefer to create calculators on my homepage, which are more lively and easy to build. And there is also often more added value than just a PDF for the lead.

BUT this feature has the merit of existing and allows you to view your leads on the canvas. In addition, you will be able to do A/B tests on your lead acquisition pages.

The very bad side of this feature is that there is no direct integration with FluentCRM, which I use on all my clients’ websites (and mine).


Actually, CartFlows integrates with the following plugins :

  • Gutenberg
  • Elementor
  • WooCommerce + Woo Subscriptions
  • Thrive Architect
  • AliDropship
  • Learndash
  • Divi Builder
  • Beaver Builder

These integrations will dramatically increase soon when SureTriggers Pro will be available for CartFlows Pro.

CartFlows Pricing 2023: How Much Does CartFlows Pro Cost?

  • CartFlows Free: includes a limited number of flows, custom thank you page, cart abandonment, and Facebook Pixel integration.
  • CartFlows Starter ($129): includes mainly the modern checkout features.
  • CartFlows Plus ($249): includes dynamic features, like dynamic order bumps and One-Click upsells
  • CartFlows Pro ($449): unlock the A/B Split testing, Canvas mode, Conversion optimized templates, and Analytics.

CartFlows alternatives

Here are some great alternatives you can consider if CartFlows does not match your expectations :

  • WPFunnels
  • Funnelkit
  • Woofunnels
  • Thrivecart
  • Optimize Press

CartFlows review 2023: The BMS verdict

When comes time to sell online, every serious business should consider building a robust sales machine. Undeniably, CartFlows deserves to be in your marketing arsenal. It will provide you with so many amazing features to build, understand and optimize your complete selling website. However, about lead generation, I still prefer standalone form plugins that give more freedom about the fields I want to display to my visitors.

CartFlows is one of my favorite plugins to improve the customer journey, and then conversions and sales. A must-have in his field.


Can I use CartFlows Without WooCommerce?

Yes, you can, but you will miss 95% of its features. It has been made for WooCommerce, and you’ll be able to use only the Lead Generation feature, which is not the best choice for Lead Generation (Look at Fluent Forms instead).

Does CartFlows Have a Lifetime Deal?

No, there is no Lifetime Deal available for CartFlows.

How many funnels can I create with CartFlows?

You can create unlimited funnels with CartFlows, at no additional cost.

Overall score