5 Powerful Lead Funnels That Will Boost Your Agency

5 lead funnels examples to convert website visitors into prospects and get qualified leads for your Agency. In this post, we will uncover these marketing funnels for you to generate leads easily.

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Building a website for your business is already a challenge. But once this site is completed, the work is really just beginning. You have to work hard to attract visitors, with content on social networks and with your blog, for example. Even by doing paid advertising.

But once your visitors are there, how do you convert those visits into sales? How do you turn those curious visitors, interested in seeing your solutions, products, and services, into happy and paying customers? How to get better results than today?

It’s important to know that it is very rare for a visitor to make a purchase during their first visit to your site. It’s not impossible, but the vast majority of your visitors will leave without making a purchase. And that’s the problem: most of these lost visitors will never come back. Those sales won’t happen, and it’s revenue that is lost for you.

In fact, people need to see your brand about 7 times to consider purchasing from you. The solution is simple: you need to be able to reconnect with them. And to do so, we implement Lead Funnels, whose purpose is to collect personal information from your potential customers, with their consent, in order to reconnect with them later on. This is the first stage of your selling machine. This way you’ll increase your overall conversion rate on your website.

We are going to see 5 lead gen funnels particularly suited for web agencies. They will allow your agency to obtain numerous leads, which you will be able to patiently educate in order to eventually show them your offers and all the benefits they will have for them.

Let’s dive into these marketing funnels.

Survey Funnel

The first funnel we see is called the “Survey Funnel”. It is simple yet highly effective. I love this funnel because it brings value to your business as well as your visitors.

It involves creating a relatively simple form that visitors will fill out in a few steps. You will simply ask questions to your visitors about their business, their goals, what they expect, and especially what challenges they are facing. It is really powerful because people love to talk about themselves.

The secret to a successful funnel is being able to guide visitors to your offers once they have filled out the form. So, avoid asking questions that won’t allow you to redirect your visitors effectively at the end of the questionnaire.

An example of a form that you could implement to gather information about your customers would be:

  1. Are you : (Solopreneur, small business, mid-sized business, big brand)
  2. What do you struggle with: (write various problems that your solutions solve, like “I don’t know how to attract visitors” or “I don’t know how to secure my WordPress site”.)
  3. Do not forget to ask for their name and email address, and display a clear message showing you’ll contact them later by email, and they will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

Survey Funnel Breakdown

We can break down this funnel into the following parts:

  1. You promote your Survey on your social media posts, or even in your blog posts (if you do Content Marketing).
  2. Users fill out the survey by explaining their problems and the solutions they are seeking.
  3. Based on their responses, you will redirect them to the most relevant offer for them (send them in your next sales funnels, right to a landing page).
  4. At the same time, you will collect their personal information and add them to your CRM list. If they don’t immediately purchase your services, you can nurture them to discover your products or services and present them with a special offer at the end of your email sequence. Get profit from your Email Marketing!

Survey Funnel Recommended Tools

You can build this funnel in WordPress with the following tools:

Calculator Funnel

Another really great Lead Funnel I often use is the Calculator Funnel. Just as the “Ask Funnel”, it is form-based, and pretty simple to build. The goal is simple too: create a small calculator on your homepage to answer a question that your visitors ask.

A few examples of calculators you could implement, as an agency:

  • Copywriting agency: calculate the number of hours that the visitor will save, using your services
  • SMMA: calculate the number of followers the user will gain, using your services, based on the plan he can purchase from you
  • Whatever the agency you are: an express quote to use your services, based on the user requirements.

The result is hidden in the form and has to be sent to the lead by email, automatically.

This funnel is very successful when well implemented, especially when people are looking for a price quickly, even if it’s just an estimate.

Calculator Funnel Breakdown

This one is really simple:

  1. People that land on your homepage see the calculator. If you can, try to place it before the fold.
  2. Once they have filled out the calculator, they do not see the answer but need to enter their personal information. A note specifies that the answer will be sent to them via email shortly.
  3. Once validated, you save their personal information on a list in your CRM and add a tag if necessary.
  4. Of course, send them the answer immediately. But you can also send them an email sequence to nurture them about your market, products, and services.

Calculator Recommended Tools

You can build this funnel in WordPress with the following tools:

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Subscription Form

Download funnel

The download funnel is a great way to capture leads with your content. You can create useful content (ebooks, white paper, checklists) and offer it in exchange for contact information from the person. It’s a win-win situation for both parties: you get their email address and they get access to valuable resources.

This one must be used with caution. The success key is to create digestible content, easy to consume for the lead. So, please, avoid the old-fashioned 200-page ebook, because no one will read it.

That’s why checklists are so successful nowadays. They are quick to read and provide a lot of value to the reader. It’s very effective because you can show your expertise in a few minutes.

White papers are most used in B2B. They need to be extremely well-written and provide reliable data that can support the thesis of your argument.

Download Funnel Breakdown

The Download Funnel is really simple to build:

  1. You promote your Lead Magnet on your social media pages.
  2. Interested Visitors will simply enter their personal information (Name and email address) to get your PDF file. At the same time, you’ll send this information right into your CRM, to the appropriate list.
  3. The prospect is redirected to a Thank You page. You have here 2 different solutions: you can allow the user to download your PDF on the Thank You page, or not. In all cases, I strongly suggest you display an offer wall on the Thank You page: the more your leads see your offers, the best. Or at least place a CTA.
  4. Send a Thank You email to the lead. Remind him of the link to download his resource.
  5. Based on his behavior, and if this is technically doable, add and remove appropriate tags to the lead in your CRM, to track if he has downloaded the PDF file. That way, you’ll be able to remind him to access it, and engage in a discussion with him, about the file content, to follow up.

Download Funnel Recommended Tools

You can build this funnel in WordPress with the following tools:

Quiz Funnel

Last but definitely not least, we have the Quiz Funnel. A Quiz Funnel is an engaging and interactive way to capture leads while providing value for your visitors. The premise is simple: you create a short, insightful quiz related to your industry or the problems your service solves. Your visitors take the quiz, intrigued by what they might learn about themselves or their business.

For example, if you run a marketing agency, your quiz could be titled “What’s Your Marketing Personality Type?” or “How Much Do You Really Know About SEO?” At the end of the quiz, visitors are asked to provide their email to receive their results.

This method not only enables you to collect their contact information, but also provides insights about your leads. Their quiz answers can give you a sense of their knowledge level, their needs, and their interests, which you can use to tailor your subsequent communication. Creating a Quiz Funnel can be a bit more complex than the other funnels, but the engagement it generates, and the rich data it provides, make it worth the effort.

Quiz Funnel Breakdown

The Quiz funnel is designed to be fun and create engagement with your Brand. This is a great way to increase awareness and create a first interaction between potential leads and your Business. It is really simple to create:

  1. Promote your Quiz on your social networks, and in relevant blog posts.
  2. Users will answer a quiz, based on your market. They will be able to test their knowledge in a fun way.
  3. Of course, to get the results, they’ll have to fill up their personal information.
  4. Once done, record them in your CRM, on the appropriate list, and optionally add a tag.
  5. Redirect them to a Thank You page with the results, with an offer wall to display your last offers.

Calculator Recommended Tools

You can build this funnel in WordPress with the following tools:

Viral Giveaway Funnel

The Viral Giveaway Funnel is a marketing strategy that’s as exciting as it sounds. Using this funnel, you create a giveaway of a valuable item or service related to your business that your target audience would enjoy or benefit from. Think of it as a digital raffle where your audience gets a chance to win something really cool.

To enter the giveaway, visitors must provide their email address – that’s how you collect leads. But the real magic happens with the ‘share to earn more entries’ feature. Every entrant gets a unique sharing link, and they earn additional entries into the giveaway for every person who enters via their link. This incentivizes entrants to share the giveaway with their networks, spreading your brand to potential leads you might not have reached otherwise.

The Viral Giveaway Funnel is not only a fun and interactive way to grow your email list, but it can also increase your social media following and online visibility. Just make sure the prize is alluring and relevant to what your business offers, to ensure you’re attracting leads who are likely to be interested in your products or services.

Viral Giveaway Funnel Breakdown

Here’s how this funnel works:

  1. Visitors come to your website from social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Don’t forget that you should use the social media where your target audience is hanging out.
  2. They land on your website on a Giveaway page, that will explain how to enter the giveaway, prizes to win, and the conditions and terms of use to enter the giveaway.
  3. When they enter the giveaway, they leave their personal information (name and email address). They can earn additional entries by spreading the word on their networks, making your giveaway potentially go viral.
  4. Once they validate their entries, they are redirected to a thank you page. Ideally, this page should also showcase your products or services, with a special offer (OTO: One-Time Offer) to convince them as quickly as possible.
  5. At the same time, you record their personal information in your CRM and add them to your list. You can then send them an email sequence to nurture them about your market, your products, services, and offers.
  6. Once the giveaway is closed, you redirect them to the leaderboard, to show the winner (that can be hand-picked automatically or manually).

Viral Giveaway Funnel Recommended Tools

You can build this funnel in WordPress with the following tools:

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the world of lead generation funnels is vast and full of potential. From the introspective Survey Funnel to the data-driven Calculator Funnel, the informative Download Funnel, the engaging Quiz Funnel, and the exciting Viral Giveaway Funnel; each strategy offers unique ways to capture the attention of your visitors and convert them into potential leads. It’s all about understanding your audience, their needs, and what captivates them the most. Remember, the key to a successful funnel lies in providing value while gathering relevant information, and always maintaining clear, honest communication with your leads. Don’t forget to test, refine, and adapt your funnels to keep them effective and relevant in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is a lead generation funnel?

A lead generation funnel is a strategy used by businesses to attract potential customers (leads), capture their interest with valuable content, and convert them into actual customers by guiding them through various stages of the buying process.

Q2: Why should I use a Quiz Funnel?

The Quiz Funnel is not only an engaging way to capture leads but also provides valuable insights about your audience. Their quiz answers can give you a sense of their knowledge level, their needs, and their interests, which you can use to tailor your subsequent communication.

Q3: How does the Viral Giveaway Funnel work?

The Viral Giveaway Funnel works by creating a digital raffle where visitors provide their email addresses to enter. Each entrant gets a unique sharing link and earns additional entries for every person who enters via their link, incentivizing them to share the giveaway within their networks.

Q4: How can I ensure my funnel is successful?

To ensure your funnel’s success, it’s crucial to understand your audience, their needs, and what captivates them the most. Always provide value while gathering relevant information, and maintain clear, honest communication with your leads. Also, remember to test, refine, and adapt your funnels to keep them effective and relevant in the evolving digital landscape.

Q5: Can I use more than one type of funnel for my business?

Yes, you can! You can use multiple funnels to target different segments of your audience, or you can use different funnels at different stages of your marketing strategy. Each funnel serves a unique purpose and can help you achieve different goals.